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              Why choose us

              We provide one-stop smart factory total solution for our customers.

              Management goals

              Focus on the ability of employees to play

              Value embodied for customers

              Provide practical and easy to use product services,

              Realize the company's long-term stability.

              Core value

              Pragmatic innovation professional service

              The company's long-term goal: through the management of information technology networking model,

              Help manufacturing companies build smart factories and realize intelligent production models.

              Value goal

              Achieve company value for the development of customers,

              And with employees, shareholders and customers as well

              Society shares the company's profits and value.

              Service target

              Everything is based on customer interests

              Everything is based on customer needs

              Everything is based on customer satisfaction

              Technical advantages

              Leading platform

              Configurable industrial mold management products

              Industry chain advantage

              Around the mold, auto parts,

              Industrial chain such as electronics and mechanical equipment

              Provide industrial software mold management products and services

              • 10

                10 years of industry experience

              • 70


                Technical team share

              • 62


                Service Guarantee Ordinance

              • 200


                Number of cooperative customers

              News Center

              Every customer's choice is the trust of micro-contracting

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              Customer case

              Help Chinese manufacturing enterprises towards a new era of intelligent manufacturing

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